France hosted a training workshop on the analysis of the rights of nature from a comparative perspective

Updated: 17th June 2019


Academic teams from eight universities that take part in the Intercultural Transnational Operators, Peace and Rights of Nature OPT-IN Programme attended a training workshop at the Institute of Political Sciences of Paris – Science Po, France, from 7 to 11 January.


One of the achievements of the training within the scope of the international evaluation of the Master’s Degree in the Rights of Nature and Peacebuilding is its future implementation with the endorsement from the Erasmus+ Plus programme.


In the upcoming months, the final programme structure of the master’s degree will be built collectively with the aim of obtaining the stamp of approval from the Council of Higher Education (CES) of Ecuador.


This master’s degree will solve the need of the universities in the Andean Community to create new constitutional frameworks in conjunction with civil society, in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development established by the UN.


This project is co-developed by the following universities:


  • Colombia: Free University of Colombia and Del Rosario University

  • Ecuador: Simón Bolívar Andean University and Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences

  • France: Institute of Political Sciences of Paris

  • Italy: University of Siena and University of Bologna


It is a common space where universities from Europe and the Andean Community prioritize the rights of nature and peacebuilding between peoples, in the attempt to build a better world.

El proyecto Operadores Transnacionales Interculturales (OPT-IN) tiene el aval de Erasmus PLUS y 8 universidades socias.