Professor María Augusta León (UASB)dealt with the environmental conflicts threatening peace

Updated: 12th July 2019


Wednesday 10th July 2019


Press release no. 2019-04


 Professor María Augusta León (UASB) takes the stage in Toledo to elaborate on the threats to peace caused by environmental conflicts


During the OPT-IN Project conference “Lectures from Ecuador and Colombia on the rights of nature and  the construction of peace in Latin America”, held at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), in Toledo, within the framework of the postgraduate programme “Constitutional Justice, interpretation and application of the Constitution”, professor María Augusta León(UASB) delivered the lecture “Environmental conflicts threatening peace: sharing profits as compensation for the damage caused by extractive activities in indigenous territories”.


In her presentation to scholars from the eight universities involved in the OPT-IN Project, León argues that extractive operations in Latin America have led to the loss and environmental degradation of indigenous peoples’ territories, which, as a result, prevents their access to crucial resources for their cultural, economic and social development.


Thus, according to León, to compensate them for the loss of their livelihood, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the states and multinational and financial institutions have encouraged the right of indigenous peoples to share the profits of those operations.


To conclude, the scholar analysed the impact of this mechanism on the lives of indigenous peoples, noting that the case of the Shuar communities in Ecuador, affected by the Mirador and San Carlos Panatza mining project, illustrates how a top-down hierarchical approach leads to violent disputes between the state, companies and indigenous peoples.


The meeting in Toledo, attended by the members of the ERASMUS + CAPACITY BUILDING Project “New postgraduate programme for the training of transnational and intercultural operators for the defence of nature and the construction of peace in the Community (OPT-IN)” will conclude on 18th July.

El proyecto Operadores Transnacionales Interculturales (OPT-IN) tiene el aval de Erasmus PLUS y 8 universidades socias.