Professor Adriana Rodríguez (UASB) addressed the topic of multicultural interpretation in the Ecuadorian Courts

Updated: 12th July 2019


Wednesday, 10th July 2019


Press release no. 2019-05


In her lecture in Toledo, Spain, Professor Adriana Rodríguez (UASB) addressed how the High Courts of Ecuador offer an intercultural interpretation of the rights of nature. 


During the conference “Lectures from Ecuador and Colombia on the rights of nature and the construction of peace in Latin America”  within the OPT-IN project, held  at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), in Toledo, within the framework of the post-graduate programme “Constitutional Justice, interpretation and application of the Constitution”, the academic coordinator of the project, professor Adriana Rodríguez Caguana (UASB) presented the topic “The intercultural interpretation of the rights of nature in the High Courts of Ecuador”.


In her presentation to scholars from the eight universities involved in the OPT-IN Project, Adriana Rodríguez argues that the rights of nature, recognised in the Constitution of Ecuador since 2018, have been paradigmatic and make a break with the classical liberal theory, since the subject of rights is no longer only human.


“This is due to a gradual recognition of the diverse notions of law, inherent in the high-intensity legal pluralism developed in Ecuador in recent years, especially after the rising of the indigenous movement in the 1990s”, she added.


According to Rodríguez, the recognition of plurinationality in the 2008 Constitution opened, the door to a pluralism that compels us to understand law in its multiple dimensions, transcending the law that emanates from the State to embrace that observed in indigenous jurisdiction.


The lecture, she said, is part of a research project that aims to demonstrate how Ecuador’s High Courts have understood  and ruled on the matter of the rights of nature in intercultural contexts, within a critical reflection framework that  finds its inspiration in Andean philosophy, legal pluralism, the ecology of knowledge and intercultural justice.


The conference in Toledo, attended by the members of the ERASMUS + CAPACITY BUILDING Project “New postgraduate programme for the training of transnational and intercultural operators for the defence of nature and the construction of peace in the Community (OPT-IN)” will conclude on 18th July.

El proyecto Operadores Transnacionales Interculturales (OPT-IN) tiene el aval de Erasmus PLUS y 8 universidades socias.