Gina Benavides and Gardenia Chávez: social mapping, a tool for analysing Human Rights and Nature

Updated: 11th July 2019


Wednesday, 10th July 2019


Press release no. 2019-06


Gina Benavides and Gardenia Chávez, professors at the Simón Bolívar Andean University (UASB), delivered a lecture on “Social mapping as a tool for the analysis of human rights and the rights of Nature” in Toledo (Spain)


Professors Gina Benavides and Gardenia Chávez (UASB) presented “Social mapping as a tool for the analysis of human rights and the rights of nature” during the OPT-IN project conference “Presentations from Ecuador and Colombia on the rights of nature and peace-building in Latin America” , which takes place at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) in Toledo, Spain, within the framework of the postgraduate programme “Constitutional Justice, interpretation and application of the Constitution”.


According to the information provided by Benavides and Chávez to professors from eight universities involved in the OPT-IN Project, in 2018 the Ecuadorian Ombudsman's Office signed an agreement with the Critical Cartography Collective in order to promote a mapping process to identify the violation of human rights, focusing on the following areas: the rights of nature, human rights activists and human rights.


This process, they explained, took the form of participatory workshops with the Councils of Human Rights activists in each of the country’s provinces, resulting in the construction of provincial maps and a national map that give an account of the actual state of human rights and show the connections between these three categories of rights.


They also argued that this experience is a significant contribution to the analysis that society and academia could do on the relation between human rights and the systematic violations of nature.


More information on mapping:


The conference in Toledo, attended by the members of the ERASMUS + CAPACITY BUILDING Project “New post-graduate programme for the training as transnational and intercultural operators in the defence of nature and the construction of peace in the Community (OPT-IN)”, will conclude on 18th July.

El proyecto Operadores Transnacionales Interculturales (OPT-IN) tiene el aval de Erasmus PLUS y 8 universidades socias.