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After completing the registration process and subsequent evaluation of the documentation and other academic elements presented by the applicants, the General Secretariat of the Simón Bolívar Andean University formalized the list of admitted to the Master's Degree in Rights of Nature and Intercultural Justice.



Master's Degree in

Rights of Nature and Intercultural Justice

The Master's Degree in Rights of Nature and Intercultural Justice will prepare professionals, from an historical, comparative and interdisciplinary perspective, to address the conflicts that are generated in the processes of dispossession of natural resources or goods. 


The aim is to accentuate the interrelations between socio-environmental conflicts and justice from an intercultural perspective that recognises nature as a subject of rights and the collective rights of peoples and nationalities whose relationship with nature has always been one of protection.






Is an initiative whose objective is to establish an academic program that addresses two fundamental axes: The Defense of Nature and the Construction of Peace.


OPT-IN becomes an open door to promote an exchange between different types of academies, by consolidating a process of horizontal globalization, which takes into account civil society and the need to protect diversity in all its areas, and in different worldwide regions.


Gina Benavides and Gardenia Chávez: social mapping, a tool for analysing Human Rights and Nature
Professor Adriana Rodríguez (UASB) addressed the topic of multicultural interpretation in the Ecuadorian Courts
Professor María Augusta León (UASB) dealt
with the environmental conflicts threatening
Andean Community Professors shed new light on the rights of nature and peacebuilding in Latin America
Instructors from UASB, FLACSO, Del Rosario University and the Free University of Colombia participate in the seminar held in Toledo
France hosted a
training workshop on the analysis of the rights of nature from a comparative perspective

El proyecto Operadores Transnacionales Interculturales (OPT-IN) tiene el aval de Erasmus PLUS y 8 universidades socias.